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Last Update: 26 Jun 2018
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Dam opens spillway when water level rises above 228 metres
Posted on : 05 Mar 2017  Source of News: The Borneo Post Online

SIBU: The release of water from Bakun Dam through its spillway was carried out on Feb 20 this year when the water level at the dam rose from 228 to 228.42 metres from sea level.

Sarawak Hidro in its official statement dated March 3 stated that according to procedure, the water was released after the one-day notification given to the local government agency for public dissemination purposes.

On Feb 27, the process of releasing excess water was carried out because the water level in the catchment area of the dam had risen to 228.72 metres above sea level.

This was because of downpours in the catchment area of Bakun and record indicated the rate of water entering Balui Reservoir increased to 5,100 cubic metres per second.

However, Sarawak Hidro has maintained the level and volume of water released, halved the rate of water entering, without making any enhancement in the process.

Referring to the flood downstream of the Rajang, Sarawak Hidro pointed out the Department of Drainage and Irrigation (DID) on Thursday had stated that the inundation was caused by the combination of king tide, incessant rain and water released from the dam.

Sarawak Hidro stressed that the announcement of the water release from the dam was a notification, not emergency announcement.