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Sibu hit by its worst flood in six years
Posted on : 04 Mar 2017  Source of News: The Borneo Post Online
School children wading in the flood waters happily as they head home from school with their parents.

School children wading in the flood waters happily as they head home from school with their parents.

SIBU: The current flood that hit Sibu is the worst in the last six years, with Rajang and Igan Rivers bursting their banks.

The water level at Rajang River touched danger level yesterday, causing low-lying portions of Lanang Road and Salim-Stabau Road to be inundated.

The flooded portions of Lanang Road near the town centre compelled road users to use Aman Road as the alternative route.

Department of Drainage and Irrigation (DID) Sibu Divisional engineer Ting Sing Kwong observed that the water level in Rajang River yesterday was about half a foot higher than that on Thursday morning.

“Half a foot made a lot of difference. The combination of rainfall at the upper reaches coupled with water released from Bakun Dam  and king tide has caused the river to overflow. The water level upstream especially in Kapit area is also quite high.

“The water level is at danger level in Rajang River (at press time) but maintained; hopefully, when the tide goes down, it will go down. It (the tide) peaks now (yesterday). Luckily, this round of king tide is not that high, around 1.3m.”

Ting said the king tide was still high today but slightly lower, urging residents in low-lying areas to continue to be vigilant. He pointed out the inundated section of Lanang Road was lower than the stretch heading uptown towards upper Lanang.

Khoo Peng Loong Road was also inundated yesterday morning but still passable to vehicles.

In Kanowit, certain stretches of road were also inundated. The water level there was rather high and passed the warning level. Several schools located along Salim-Stabau Road were closed yesterday as the road came under two feet of water.