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Sunken roads, poor drainage contribute to flood
Posted on : 17 Apr 2017  Source of News: The Borneo Post Online

An inundated stretch of Belian Lane after heavy rain yesterday.

SIBU: Sunken roads compounded by old and under-capacity drains are among the factors contributing to flooding in certain low lying areas here yesterday.

Heavy rain which started around 8am yesterday caused  certain portions of Hua Khiew Road and Belian Lane to be inundated.

“The major factor could be sunken roads and land but inadequate old and under-capacity drains are also a factor,” Department of Drainage and Irrigation (DID) Sibu Divisional engineer Ting Sing Kwong told The Borneo Post yesterday.

Many of those who went to church yesterday to celebrate Easter were stranded by the flood and rain.

Meanwhile, early last month, nine primary schools here were temporarily closed due to floods, affecting a total of 510 pupils and 132 staff members.

Water spilling from the Rajang River inundated certain portions of Lanang Road heading towards the town centre.

Those areas in Lanang covered by the Sibu Flood Mitigation Plan were not affected.

Further away from the town area,  Salim-Stabau area was also flooded.